About Us

Blossom was the name I had given the floral shop I once dreamt of owning. As I grew older, my dreams evolved, but the word, Blossom, somehow correlated with every creative outlet I was immersed in. Since then, it has been the essence of my creativity & confidence that if I can dream it, I can do it. Blossom was born from my love for travel & all things vintage.

A collection of vintage and antique wears, Blossom began in a 1970 Safari Airstream now focusing on an online presence. Focusing on modern and wearable vintage pieces, we embody a woman who appreciates clean lines, sustainable fabrics, and subtle femininity. 
Blossom is an example of an ordinary, hard working woman living out her dreams in hopes to inspire others to do the same. As long as it’s with passion, the possibilities are infinite. 

Keep Blooming, 
+Check out the trailer's transformation from beginning until now here